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Copied/pasted from the SC Forum:

Twenty one here, twenty-two on January 10th. Born in New Brunswick, New Jersey but moved to North Carolina at age six till about July of 2004, i became a Charleston resident. Finishing school up north still, probably forever it seems but i plan on returning to the low country to get my batchelors somewhere in SC but not sure yet. I am not sure where i want to end up living after i finish school completely. After doing some extensive travel up and down the east coast over the years, VA/NC/SC are my three main places of interest to settle down.

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I guess I am the grandpa so far...31 here born in Hawaii moved to Fort Ord(near Monterrey Bay) when I was 4. 2 years later we were on our way to Fort Bragg. That is when I realized how much I love NC...the pine trees the sandhills the mosquitos and the hot humid summers countered by the cold wind chilled winters with no snow...ahhh yes I love NC. Really people NC has came a long way. I can remember going to Raleigh and looking at downtown trying to find a reason to compare it Richmonds....no comparison even now...I also remember going to Carowinds and the first time a set eyes on Charlotte I said to my mother I will live here one day. I hope we can continue the growth...

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