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Miami Monument Design Contest


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Well this contest comes from SPINE3D,which are the creators of renderings for projects such as onyx2,plaza,paramount,marquis etc.and also the miami chapter of aia(architects).

register at--- http://www.miamimonument.com/program.php

deadline is november25

They are seeking submitions from anybody for ideas for an iconic structure that best represents the city

"Spine3D, a Miami based animation, and visual effects studio invites participants from around the world to suggest creative and compelling design ideas for a structure that celebrates the City of Miami. The competition calls for a visionary marker that will distinguish the Miami skyline from that of other great cities.

This structure can be a singular, freestanding building or it can be comprised of multiple components within the competition site. The program is not strictly defined; however, it has to encourage civic involvement and it should strengthen the urban fabric of Miami. Proposals should consider the human scale at the street level as well as the greater scale, at the urban level.

The central focus of all proposals should be an iconic structure, a monument to the pioneering and evolving nature of Miami.

There is no height, budget, or size restrictions for the proposed designs so entrants are encouraged to think on a visionary scale.

Winning entries will be selected based on the strength of the design concept and the quality/character of the rendered presentation image.

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im pesonally not that fond of the second place entry, but i really love #3. im not too sure what to make of the 1st place entry. its one of those things that is very well thought out and technical, will definately be noticable and unique (kinda like those windmills) but it seems to be lacking something, i cant put my finger on it.

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