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Tenant's Rights


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A couple of friends of mine from East Lansing lost the heat in their rented house. It has been over two weeks and their landlord still hasnt fixed the furnace. Does anyone know what my buddies should do to motivate the landlord? Thanks in advance.

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Well, East Lansing is currently cracking down hard of landlords, especially those that own in the student ghettos.

They could contact East Lansing's Code Enforcement & Neighborhood Conservation Department at:


Or take a walk down to City Hall at:

410 Abbott Road

That should give the landlord the needed motivation. It also is pretty contingent upon where they live in terms of the swiftness of the response.

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Thamkyou Lmichigan. The guys will be making the call tomorrow. Your help was very appreciated.

You might wanna look at the lease and make sure it is rather explicit in designating who does what, and that is the responsibility of the landlord to fix a broken furnace. But you've probably already done this ;)

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1. read the lease, confirm it is the LL responsibility

2. assuming it is, send the landlord a default notice and re-iterate in this notice what the default remedies are that are provided for in the Lease (damages, costs to repair, tenant pay to fix heat and deduct from rent etc)

3. stop paying rent

Plan B-- get a couple quotes to repair (you need these in the file for when you stand in front of the judge so you can show you used reasonable diligence to solve the problem) call the contrctor w/ the best quote and say "hi my name is (insert LL name here) and I own property X, my tenant is cold please fix and send bill to property Y where I operate my rental co. from."

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