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New Skyscrapers in Your City.... (30+ stories)


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thats kinda hard to do for miami.....can we do everything above 50stories for miami?

^^haha. sure go ahead!! The bigger the better.....

Just 4 of Charlotte's **Most are under construction**

The Vue: to be 51 stories (may change)


The Epicenter: to be 30-50 stories


The Avenue: to be 35 stories (may change)


Trademark: ? stories


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2 Towers

40 storys each (originally 48 each)

Original render.


The Peninsula - Under Construction

37 storys


San Marco Village

3 35 story towers

1 30 story tower


St Johns Point

1 36 story tower

1 33 story tower

1 30 story tower

Old renders.


New Kuhn Tower

33 story tower


Old JEA Headquarters

31 story tower

The Strand - Under Construction.

28 story tower but has been listed as 32 storys recently.

13 total.

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Here's a list from Miami's P&C index over 500ft (and a work in progress).


1000 ft. + (total: 1)

* Empire World Towers, Miami 1123.6 ft. (proposed)

600-999 ft. (total: 16)

* Met 3, Miami 866 ft.

* Brickell CitiCentre, Miami 808 ft.

* Paramount Park, Miami 754 ft.

* Lynx Downtown, Miami 746 ft. (proposed)

* 900 Biscayne Bay, Miami 740 ft.

* Infinity 2 (South Miami Avenue Condominium), Miami 736 ft.

* Miami Flatiron Building, Miami 685 ft.

* Marquis, Miami 679 ft.

* 600 Biscayne Bay, Miami 649 ft.

* Ivy (River Front West), Miami River Village, Miami 630 ft.

* Opus, Miami 620 ft.

* Marina Blue, Miami 615 ft.

* Dupont Towers, Miami 609 ft.

* Infinity at Brickell, Miami 604 ft.

* Wind (River Front East), Miami River Village, Miami 602 ft.

* 1650 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami 600 ft.

500-599 ft. (total: 16)

* ICON Brickell, Miami 586 ft.

* Plaza on Brickell, Miami 585 ft.

* Premiere Towers, Miami 579 ft.

* Villa Magna, Miami 574 ft.

* Paramount Bay (Paramount at Edgewater Square), Miami 562 ft.

* 50 Biscayne, Miami 554 ft.

* ICE 2, Miami 545 ft.

* Everglades on the Bay, Miami 538 ft.

* Onyx 2, Miami 536 ft.

* Quantum on the Bay, Miami 536 ft.

* Opera Tower, Miami 530 ft.

* Jade Residences at Brickell, Miami 528 ft.

* Ten Museum Park, Miami 528 ft.

* Soleil, Miami 514 ft.

* 1450 Brickell, Miami 511 ft.

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not to dismiss your list brickell,but you missed a couple of new ones...

Empire World Towers I 110 floors 1124ft Residential --Proposed (CBD)

Empire World Towers II 110 floors 1124ft Hotel/Residential --Proposed (CBD)

Met 3 74 floors 866ft Residential --Approved (CBD)

1101 Brickell 74 floors 849ft Office/Residential --Proposed (Brickell)

Flatiron 73 floors 849ft Office/Residential --Proposed (Brickell)

Brickell CitiCenter 1 76 floors 808ft Residential/Office --Approved (Brickell)

Brickell CitiCenter 2 69 floors 790ft Residential/Office --Approved (Brickell)

Four Seasons 64 floors 789ft Office/Hotel/Residential --Completed 2004 (Brickell)

Paramount Park 68 floors 756ft Residential/Hotel --Approved (CBD)

Lynx 75 floors 745ft Office/Hotel/Residential --Approved (CBD)

1490 Biscayne 73 floors 744ft Residential --Proposed (Upper East Side)

Brickell CitiCenter 3 69 floors 740ft Residential/Office --Approved (Brickell)

Infinity II 65 floors 736ft Residential --Approved (Brickell)

Omni(6 towers) 72 floors 700ft Residential --Proposed (Upper East Side)

Marquis 63 floors 679ft Residential/Hotel --Approved (CBD)

Capitol Towers I 57 floors 649ft Residential/Office --Proposed (Brickell)

900 Biscayne 63 floors 649ft Residential --Construction (CBD)

600 Biscayne 62 floors 649ft Residential/Office --Proposed (CBD)

Anderson Opera 57 floors 649ft Residential/Office --Proposed (Upper East Side)

Chelsea 52 floors 649ft Residential/Office --Proposed (Upper East Side)

One Herald Plz 64 floors 649ft Residential --Proposed (Upper East Side)

One Herald Plz 64 floors 649ft Residential --Proposed (Upper East Side)

600 Brickell 52 floors 648ft Residential/Office --Proposed (Brickell)

Met 2 46 floors 647ft Office/Hotel --Approved (CBD)

City Square 62 floors 640ft Residential --Proposed (Upper East Side)

City Square 62 floors 640ft Residential --Proposed (Upper East Side)

Riverfront West 1 630ft Residential --Approved (CBD)

Marina Blue 57 floors 615ft Residential --Construction (CBD)

Dupont Plaza 60 floors 609ft Residential/Hotel --Construction (CBD)

Dupont Plaza II 60 floors 609ft Residential --Construction (CBD)

Capitol Towers II 57 floors 607ft Residential/Office --Proposed (Brickell)

Infinity I 52 floors 604ft Residential --Approved (Brickell)

ICON Brickell 60 floors 604ft Residentail --Approved (Brickell)

Riverfront East 1 601ft Residential --Approved (CBD)

Cardinal Symphony 60 floors 600ft Residential/Office --Proposed (Upper East Side)

500 Brickell 51 floors 599ft Residential --Proposed (Brickell)

Platinum Bay 56 floors 589ft Residential --Proposed (Upper East Side)

ICON Brickell 58 floors 586ft Residentail --Approved (Brickell)

Plaza on Brickell 56 floors 585ft Residentail --Approved (Brickell)

Villa Magna I 53 floors 583ft Residential --Approved (Brickell)

Villa Magna II 53 floors 583ft Residential --Approved (Brickell)

Premiere Towers I 52 floors 579ft Residentail/Office --Approved (Brickell)

Premiere Towers II 52 floors 579ft Residentail/Office --Approved (Brickell)

Element 54 floors 577ft Residential --Approved (Upper East Side)

50 Biscayne 55 floors 554ft Residential --Construction (CBD)

Trump Palace 44 floors 551ft Residential --Construction (Sunny Isles)

Trump Royale 44 floors 550ft Residential --Construction (Sunny Isles)

Acqualina 51 floors 550ft Residential/Hotel --Completed 2005 (Sunny Isles)

Jade Beach 53 floors 550ft Residential --Approved (Sunny Isles)

Jade Ocean 51 floors 550ft Residential --Approved (Sunny Isles)

Urbana 42 floors 549ft Office/Residential --Proposed (Upper East Side)

Everglades 49 floors 538ft Residential --Construction (CBD)

Everglades 49 floors 538ft Residential --Construction (CBD)

Quantum 48 floors 536ft Residential --Construction (Upper East Side)

Onyx2 50 floors 536ft Residential --Approved (Upper East Side)

Island Gardens 48 floors 535ft Hotel --Approved (CBD)

Riverfront West 2 533ft Residential --Approved (CBD)

Opera Tower 56 floors 530ft Residential --Construction (Upper East Side)

10 Museum Park 48 floors 528ft Residential --Construction (CBD)

Jade Brickell 49 floors 528ft Residential --Completed 2005 (Brickell)

Park Place II 32 floors 527ft Office --Approved (Brickell)

Soleil 43 floors 514ft Residential --Approved (Upper East Side)

Riverfront West 3 512ft Residential --Approved (CBD)

31st Park 49 floors 510ft Residential --Proposed (Upper East Side)

Max Tower 39 floors 508ft Office/Residential --Proposed (Upper East Side)

Riverfront East 2 501ft Residential --Approved (CBD)

Riverfront East 3 500ft Residential --Approved (CBD)

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Signature Place


To be u/c in St.Petersburg, FL next year

Signature Place will be 35 stories high and have 221 units. Plans originally called for the slim glass-and-metal tower at 100 First Ave. S. to be 366 feet high. To accomodate a more efficient air-conditioning system, the building's height will be raised to 390 feet, making it 4ft taller than Bank of America.

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Orion Towers - 37 stories


Mosiac - 34 stories


Monaco - 31 stories


Shamrock Tower - 30 stories


2727 Kirby - 30 stories


Mercer Towers - 30 stories


Endeavour - 29 stories



One Victory Tower - 45 stories - 600 ft


W Victory Hotel & Residences - 32 stories


Azure - 31 stories


Cirque - 28 stories



501 Congress - 41 stories - 680 ft

no rendering yet

Novare Group/Andrews Urban project - 40 stories - 520 ft

no rendering yet

Spring - 36 stories - 400 ft

no rendering yet

San Antonio

Grand Hyatt San Antonio - 33 stories


South Padre Island

Sapphire - 30 stories


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When did Empire World get redesigned?

about a month ago..when they finally submitted there application into the city.....we told everyone that the original rendering we saw would be probably far off from the finished product..

another rendering of EWT,it now features 3 skybridges,instead of a rectangular and a cylindrical towers there both now more elliptical....and have a grayish blue glass.


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Atlanta Proposed

12 14th street tower - 64 floors - 785 feet

3344 Peachtree ------ 47 floors - 660 feet

Millium Buckhead ---- 45 floors - height not listed.

50 Allen Plaza -------- 34 floor - height not listed.

Atlantic Center Plaza -- 42 floors - height not listed.

W Hotel Buckhead ----- 38 floors - height not listed.

Rooms to Go Tower ----40 floors - height not listed.

Midtown Square -------- 35 floors - height not listed.

Atlanta Under Construction

1180 Peachtree --------- 41 floors - 650 feet

Twelve centennial Park I --37 floors - 520 feet

Twelve centennial Park II - 37 floors - 520 feet

There are a lot more under construction but the floor count is below 30 even though the heights are over 400 feet.

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