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What currently is the fastest growing area of Jax


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Hmmm, good question.

I do believe the southside still files the most housing permits. With houses comes businesses as we all know so that takes my answer.

In terms of a ratio over current establishments, Northside and Chafee Road are increasing the outward expansion of the contigious population into previously non residential areas.

Just ouside Jax, North East Clay and North West St Johns counties are growing at rapid fire paces. Entire towns are about to be built in St Johns like the 38,000 home Nocatee.

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BOTH - St. Johns and Clay (Branan Field Road corridor and Fleming Isl). These two counties are going to feed off of eachother's growth when the new SJ River bridge span links them together further south with I-95. St. Johns county has TONS of jobs coming in and Clay County has a big workforce clammoring for better access to jobs. I can't wait!! (I'm a headhunter)

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I am very familiar with the growth to the east, as well as the frustrations that come with it.

Ok, so here is my question: what exactly qualifies as "San Marco?" I always thought it was the area around the Square, but it seems like you are saying it includes the Southbank as well?

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BRT or "Build Roads Today" is susposed to stand for "Bus Rapid Transit". It is all smoke and mirrors. I posted some facts about it which were sent to me for that purpose. Sadly, the Webmaster decided it was an illegal post. Left me wondering if their PC is down at the JTA offices.

I have worked in the transportation field for a number of years and would be happy to field questions on BRT, LRT or Commuter Rail. Just fire when ready, I'll pop back in and check.


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