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I mean, just tonight i saw 3 homeland security trucks... what are they doing other than wasting fossil fuels. Did they really close Govt Sq?! Let's monitor the difference in next weekends officer to civilian ratio. HOmeland security trucks roaming the street... where did we get those. Was it a requirement of the bill that all equipment purchased with that money have it spray painted on. F-150 for homeland security.... patrolling the streets for famu homecoming.... My God that annoyed me.

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lol... oh tj.

By parade i meant the 24 hour circling of the boys in the cars. Not the formal homecoming parade. lol. It is what i was brought up to call the parade. As a younger lad on the SS of Tally i loved washin em up fo the sho. I am just saying a organized car show parade through famus campus would be an awsome addition to the weekend. A good long drive though, with some general areas of crowds with venders and stuff. That way, maybe by chance, there would be less general traffic iand anarchy in the city this weekend. But i understand the desire to just ride sometimes, especially here!

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