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Hey Guys!!!

Just wanted to check in before Wilma comes over... it may be a week or so before we have power again, (with Katrina a couple months ago, it was only a 1 and we were without power for nearly a week!!)

Please keep us in your prayers... Wilma is just 1 mile per hour short of being a Cat 3. We have Wilma coming from the West, a Jet Stream coming from the Northwest and a Cold front coming from the North... Here in Fort Lauderdale we are on the SouthEast quadrant of the hurricane (the strongest side, so we can add 25mph to the highest windspeed, and thats what our sustained winds will be)... due to the coming together of the jet stream, cold front, hurricane AND being on the southeast quadrant we have been warned that we WILL DEFINETLY have tornadoes, and that we will, in all probability have several F2 Tornadoes (150mph). Having never been through one, I am pretty worried... We are going to my moms house since it is safer!!

Well, I hope to check in with you guys in about a week!!!!


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Hey guys,

When I posted this there was no Tennessee Coffee Shop (or if there was, I had never been to it before...)... then once I came back, I tried to find my Hurricane Wilma post on the main tennessee forum, but couldn't... so now while I came into the coffeeshop to see what its like, I stumbled into my post!! So, now that I read your replies, I wanted to take the time to thank all of you for your kind words and for your prayers! I am sure that they were heard on our behalf, and they were answered! Thanks so!!! And Satalac, not that I needed the incentive... but it definetly does make us want to hurry up and come on up!! Though, I am rather afraid of all the tornadoes you guys get up there.... at least with a Hurricane I have a few days to get ready!!! hehehehe... You know I don't usually get afraid of these hurricanes when they are coming... having gone through so many... but Wilma really made me nervous... and it was certainly the worst we had in over 60 years here in Broward County. The sad thing is that you go 30 or 40 miles to the north, then to the south, and you cross the state from the West coast to the East, and the effects of the storm can be seen!! It really packed quite a punch!!! But thanks again for your prayers and your kind words!!! You guys are a really great bunch!!!!!


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