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Fall Colors and Development - 10/23/2005 - Part II


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Back to downtown...

Two historic buildings getting facade renovations.


And what would a tour be without the word Boji? They've done and awesome job on updating their signature tower.


And in the Boji Complex (thankfully renamed officially the Capitol View) the former Michigan National Bank-turned-Standard Federal Bank-turned-LaSalle Bank is moving from the Boji Tower (they are preserving the banking hall, though).


Modernity meets the historical at the Capitol Tower and former Bank of Lansing Tower (now Comerica...of couse).


The banking hall. I'd try and get interior shots, but security is tight. This bank is robbed often. I guess the crooks like the old-fashioned heights. lol


100+ year old storefronts along the 100 south block of Washington Square. Not all that impressive in architecture, but relatively old.


A rare, modern addition on the block built in the 30's or 40's, now home to the Lansing Art Gallery, the only art gallery in downtown, all of the rest are concentrated on East Michigan and in Old Town.


The crumbling Hollister Building/Block. This is the oldest "high-rise" in downtown Lansing at about 100 years old (all others have been demolished but the Arbaugh). The Boji Group recently bought it and plan to convert the top floors into condo units next year, and renovate the building currently, temporarily home to state offices for the year. An eye doctor, cigar house, and card company currently make up the retail tenants. The building spans and alley and directly abuts the Boji Tower.


The vacant Knapp's Centre and Club X-Cel, a club that caters to all kinds of crowds.


The Arbaughs top floors are nearing completion for an end-of-the-year move-in date. The 48 unit building already has great exterior lighting affixed near the top, but the blue windowframes really hurt the historic design, IMO. The cornice will be installed soon.


Now, over to Oldsmobile Park, which I've only shown once or twice before...

The view from Oldsmobile Park's front plaza. The fountain was recently shut off. And, now they are getting ready for the haunted house. When the team is not playing it's used for everything from outdoor movies to an outdoor concert venue.




A block east lies the small Pere Marquette Place district. A few lofts, two bars, The Lansing City Rescue Mission, a salon, and a resturant line Michigan Avenue. Behind those are businesses that have been in the city for 50 years+ (with a few exceptions).


...like this one. A former high-school classmates dad owns this. I went to a party in this historic building once. It looks like he's giving up on the second-hand-store.


Next door is the former Abrams Aerial Survey Headquarters that was recently announced that it would be expanded 4 stories upwards to saving the bottom two floors. It will include 30+ lofts with 18' high cielings. The structure is proposed to rise 100+ feet high. The for sale sign reads "pending." I have been told the developer is serious about this.


Front of Oldsmobile Park. The stadium was completed nearly 10 years ago. It seems like yesterday.



Part of the haunted house set-up


Lastly, a few to the south that will be quite different starting the beginning of next year. The massive 4-story, 150+ residential-unit, retail Stadium District will rise on the entire surface lot across from the stadium. The historic (and not so historic addition) Dye Treatment Facility, owned by the Lansing Board of Water and Line can be seen. Built directly into the riverbank, it takes up a fwe blocks along Cedar. The historic, neon sign got it's yearly maintenance just two weeks ago.


Lastly, some random development...

The 20+ expansion of On the Grand Condominiums in Old Town is on schedule.


And a new shopping plaza is going up just a two blocks west of Prudden Place.


And a strange shot to end up, but it's all I've got...



I keep hoping this angle will turn out, but it never does. It's just a bad angle, and badly stitched pan. lol


From Oldsmobile Park. The sky looks angry. Well...he better get over it.


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