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The area around Emory


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Depends on what type of housing you are looking for. The area as a whole is one of the better parts of the city. If you are looking for a house it can be kind of expensive with most of the homes in the area being in the $300K's. If you are looking for an apartment their are several to the south along Briarcliff Road but they can be kind of hit or miss in both saftey and condition

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I actually applied to Emory for undergrad and was accepted--had my financial aid package set up and everything. Alas, it was not to be. I'm in grad school now (pursuing masters in Biology) to somewhat redeem myself from my lackluster performace during undergrad and hoping that it pays off handsomely. Keep working your tail off so you can go straight from undergrad to your desired program.

I have visited the school twice. The last time I did was during a special weekend set aside for those interested in the Rollins School of Public Health. They give a tour of the school as well as on-campus housing (away from the main campus). A girl I went to Winthrop with said that she was looking at off-campus housing near the university. For me, the Buckhead area would be just a tad bit out of the way. I'd much rather find a place in DeKalb, or possibly even Gwinnett. Not only is the traffic on 400 and 85 something to contend with, but the traffic on Clairmont can be a hassle as well, as someone else already stated.

Did I mention the fact that I LOVE Emory? :D

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