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The one word that describes the south


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Overall I would say proud. City wise I would go with

1. Charlotte-aspiring or professional

2. Atlanta-paternal

3. Charleston-historic sr

4. Asheville-picturesque

5. Greenville-bullish (I say that because it is agressively moving forward)

6. Columbia-capital (me thinks its a good model for capital cities;plus I love the capital building minus the flag thingy)

7. Raleigh-BA,MA,PHDs etc...

8. Birmingham-Old Soldier (proud and time tested)

9. Memphis-soulful

10. Wilmington-historic the II

11. Winston-Salem-diverse

12. Greensboro-Industrial (I love tha Boro)

13. Savanna-historic jr

14. Fayetteville-headache or can'tgetright (my hometown has a ways to go)

If I missed your city then chime in.......

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