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Random question, but can anyone from WCTV tell me the name of the person who does the voiceover work for the station promos., news intros., etc.? The same guy has been doing the voicework for at least 20 years, I think. Incidentally, in my youth I split my time between Tally. and Charleston, and the CBS affiliate up there, WCSC, has also used the same guy for the entire time.

Here are two samples of exactly the voice I'm referring to:



Like man profssional TV Stations, WCTV hires an expierenced voiceover artist to be the on-air voice of the station. His name is Dude Walker.

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Anybody had any experience with the GM at ABC27, Gary Wordlaw? Good or bad?


rsmith, we are all over at

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Hello there, oh silent Tallahasseans.

Have you stopped checking on this thread entirely?

Has a plague struck our Capital City, preventing from you commenting on the state of the televised world?

Have all computers been outlawed, curtailing your ability to log-on and spout off?

OR perhaps the television stations in Tallahassee have finally reached the perfection sought by all who were seeking electronic Nirvana. Congratulations (if indeed that last guess was correct).

If anyone checks this thread any more - let me know. Just respond to this little note.

There is a reason I'm sticking my toes into this 'cyber pond' right now - and would love some feedback.

Hope to hear from you, soon.

your friend, 'Print Guy'

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