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New Orleans' Oakwood Mall damaged in fire


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here's the story from WWL http://www.wwltv.com/local/stories/wwl1025...od.4b53da8.html

Mall management for the West Bank retail hub has vowed to rebuild. However, the mall is not recovering from Katrina. It is recovering from looting, lawlessness, and a devastating fire that left 30% of the mall severely damaged.

Officials said initially, the looters broke in through skylights, and that the hotspots they found in the fire zone indicate the thieves who ran out of the mall with sneakers, jewelry and cell phones, also set the place on fire.

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^Yea the media does love to blow things like that way out of proportion. When I left Greater New Orleans for Baton Rouge, I saw a report on CNN saying that possibly over 50 people were murdered outside of the Convention Center, while no one has been found to have been murdered. But I don't consider CNN to be a reliable news source in the first place.

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