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Portland's Eastern Waterfront


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I've fished up some renderings of the various eastern waterfront projects from various web sites. Here's a good overview map of what's going on, courtesy of Winton Scott Architects:


The top of the picture is northeast, towards the Eastern Prom, with the waterfront along the right edge and the Ocean Gateway in the upper right hand corner. This whole area was the topic of a city planning and rezoning project last year, and here you see five projects under construction or in the works, including the Riverwalk Project, the Westin Hotel on the former Jordan's Meats site, and the proposed Village at Oceangate in the center. This map also shows some projects I haven't heard as much about, the Federal St. Townhomes (the developers of which are appealing the height of the Village at Oceangate) and an office building on India Street. Has anyone found renderings or news of these projects?

The city's Eastern Waterfront Master Plan can be found here.

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Here are some more renderings of the Westin project, which has been approved by the city...

A street-level view (from Fore St. looking west):


What I imagine will be the hotel, looking east along Fore St.:


And the entire project, from above, looking south along Franklin Arterial:


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And here are some renderings of the proposed Riverwalk project from the Scott Simons Architects web site. There are older renderings and the project has since become even larger, to encompass the Grand Trunk Railway building at the corner of India and Commerial streets (the building shows up here as the brick-colored mass in the foreground):


The one-story building on the corner of Fore and India there is a city sewage pumping station, which the developers are going to dress up and deodorize for all of their millionaire tenants.

Winton Scott seems to have access to more recent renderings, since his own project proposals include undetailed background masses of Riverwalk in a very different shape (see Westin renderings above). But they do include the Grand Trunk Building, which will be preserved, I think.

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And finally, the Village at Oceangate, which, so far, looks to be the largest. Looking over the renderings, I'm coming around to supporting it more and more for its urbanness. Although making sure that it won't block out sunlight is important, and I do think that the developer ought to be held to his verbal assurances that some of the residences will be affordable. Here's an overview map (boxed numbers represent building heights, in stories, and red triangles indicate underground parking access):


Looking north up Hancock Street:


And west along Middle:


Looking west towards downtown, with Federal St. (new townhomes in tan) on the right and Newbury St. in the middle:


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