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I saw this on another region's thread and thought it might be interesting to see the demographic balance here in the Southeast.

I tried to do this via a poll, but I obviously didn't do it correctly. :unsure:

Of the states listed below, which one are you currently living in?

1. Alabama

2. Arkansas

3. Florida

4. Georgia

5. Kentucky

6. Louisiana

7. Mississippi

8. North Carolina

9. Oklahoma

10. South Carolina

11. Tennessee

12. Texas

I'll just have to manually keep up with the statistical output.

I'll begin with one vote for Alabama.

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After less than a day, here are the results thus far...

---(wouldn't this look better if I'd figured out how to do the poll correctly?)

1. Alabama ------ 4 votes... 25%

2. Arkansas ------ 3 votes... 19%

3. Florida --------- 1 vote...... 7%

4. Georgia ------- 3 votes... 19%

5. Kentucky ------ 1 vote...... 7%

6. Louisiana ------ 1 vote...... 7%

7. Mississippi

8. North Carolina- 1 vote...... 7%

9. Oklahoma

10. South Carolina-1 vote..... 7%

11. Tennessee --- 1 vote...... 7%

12. Texas

[Percentages are of the 16 votes tallied thus far.]

Plus one NC transplant now living in Las Vegas. :)

So where's the rest of the SC folks???

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