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Big News in Conway

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The Log Cabin (the local paper) reports that Hendrix is moving forward with plans to construct Hendrix Village.

You'll have to sign up to view the article, but it's free.

Log Cabin Article

For those of you not aware, Hendrix has been planning to build an "Academic Village" on the land east of U.S. 65 across from the campus. This is basically a large residential and commercial development with a "New Urbanism" feel. For further information, check out this site (Click Hendrix 2015):

Hendrix Village

The Log Cabin article also mentions plans by Hendrix to make 65 (Harkrider) four lanes with a median, as well as create a roundabout at the intersection with Siebenmorgen.

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One in Fayetteville near the square or in Downtown would be perfect.

There's a mention in the Fayetteville Downtown Master Plan of having one on College and Lafayette but I haven't heard anymore on it ever happening.

Very nice, that's my alma mater. I really like the mini-dorm apartment suites for upperclassmen they built since I graduated, those are really nice.

Yeah it really does look like a nice project.

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