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The BEST Burgers in the Upstate


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It's 11:30 and I'm watching the news and starving...but I'm not just starving, I've got (to quote the Smithereens) White Castle Blues. Yea, I've got Krystal nearby here in T.R., but this makes me wonder ... where are the BEST burgers in the Upstate?

I'm sure there are plenty of opinions out there on this topic. I've tried a few, from the Beacon in Spartanburg to Backyard Burger on Halton to Aussie Outback Bush Burger on Woodruff and Pleasantburg to McDonald's.

What's your favorite place for burgers and WHY?

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Aussie Bush Burgers! Best ingredients and flavor around, plus it is a local product with multiple locations. :thumbsup:

Fuddruckers is also great, IMO. Five Guys is too greasey and expensive for the product, but try Steak 'n' Shake just across the road and you'll be satisfied. I've eaten a burger at Ruby Tuesday that was good as well.

If greasey is what you want, Bee Bee's on Laurens Road is the apex of value and flavor. Try the Rush Limbaugh Special for just $3.99 (last time I was there). It comes with a LARGE double pattie cheeseburger, a pile of fries, a pile of onion rings, and a drink. ;)

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