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it's just dave

Interesting Nashville information/opinion

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I hope I'm not breaking any rules by posting this link, but I can't advertising since I don't know this guy, but check out this link. It's full of interesting information and commentary.

Also, Hankster, I figured I'd post the Plaza of the Arts info here even though you asked in another thread. It's how I discovered the Enclave site.

This will give you a little information. It's in an article in the CityPaper from February. Some of the information in the story is a bit dated, in that the retail emphasis is currently in a holding pattern and the residential for the Gulch has greatly escalated.


And here's a dandy little piece of writing. I plan to explore this more throroughly, but for now, here's the link.


I've just returned from a quick look-around this site. This might keep me busy for days. Enjoy. It could also provide a lot of topic stimulus for us all.

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Looks fine to me. Its informative about urban matters in Nashville and is from what I can tell not benefit anyone involved in a way that could be deemed advertising. As long as you're up front about what you are posting I have no problem, if I do I will simply PM and/or edit out what needs to be fixed.

Its only when folks try to be sly and knowingly skirt the rules does this sort of thing cause problems.

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