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Photos De Jour - Grand Rapids and West Michigan Area

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Good photos everybody, good photos.

Here's a picture of photos my girlfriend blew up and framed for me as a Christmas present... I was in the process of remodeling and while I was doing that I put these up to give the space a little more class ;) So art gallery... At the request of my girl the wall has to come down.


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I make my living as a professional photographer.  Here are some photos I took recently during the quarantine.  Don't give me crap about not staying home.   I'm out walking around for exercise by mysel

some more shots I took this past weekend.  Seeing the streets so empty is strange but it's great being able to shoot from the middle of the streets without worrying about getting hit or blocking traff

That very cold morning after the steam plant boiler exploded....

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Have you guys checked out Picture Michigan's website yet? He has some great pictures of GR and the lakeshore. My dream is to learn to take picture like that, especially the lighthouses. As a Lake Michigan boater I love our beautiful lighthouses. My wife and I anchored off of Little Sable, dinghied to shore and got engaged at the base of that beautiful light. Great pics Picture Michigan!

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I use a Kodac Easyshare DX7440. ITs a 4.0 megapixel. I thought i would have problems taking some of my pics while facing the sun, so your supposed to step into the shadow of something if your going to shoot that direction, but it didnt matter. Its a great little camera.

I like it because i can use video with it. I was practicing the other day trying to analyze my golf swing.

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I'm brand new to posting in forums and took a bunch of pictures yesterday, so i am going to start posting them if thats alright with everyone.
That's MORE than ok! As someone who can't get to Grand Rapids very often, I can't get a sense of what's going on if I can't see it. I'm a visual learner, so keep taking the pictures! :)
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Love the old pictures! Keep them coming!

Way back in my college days, I produced a preliminary webpage for grhistory.org - I had my grubby little hands on quite a few old photos. I wonder if I have any of them left in my GVSU archives...

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A house at 22 Michigan that was knocked down during Urban Renewal?

I would guess that is some sort of ID card for the assessor. Look at the step, address of 671 carved into it.

I don't know the answer to this one....I did on the last one.

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