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Fall Hits Mid-Michigan (Part II)


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*Part II*

Now, off to the westside of the urban area to Michigan Avenue Park...

First, the hill I had to climb, in Michigan Avenue Park/Waverly Hills Golf Course in Lansing Township, to get these views. It's a great sledding hill in the winter.


Looking southeast towards Lansing at the Lansing Township Water Tower. The Eckert Power Station chimneys (624' tall) can be seen in the background.


Looking northeast towards Lansing over the Walvery Hills Golf Course.


Looking directly north with busy Saginaw Street/Highway marking the northern border of the golf course/park.


Looking northwest towards suburban Delta Township. Despite being relatively flat, the metro area does have some gently rolling hills. It's hard to believe that a suburba of 30,000 lies beneath.


Looking north, again.


Looking west towards Delta, again.


Another northwest view.


Lastly, from the hill, some graffiti.


Now, let's go back home to the west side at Frances Park...

The manicured rose garden of Frances Park on Lansing's southwest side (garden not pictured).


The outlook area.




There are too many cell phone towers in this city and area for my liking.



The Frances Park concession stand.


Burning Tree (flames not pictured)


Squeezed in between the Lansing County Club and Frances Park lies the Riverside Neighborhood...

This is one of the few newish houses in the area.


A much more typical home in the neighborhood. This neighborhood contains most of the cities mansions.


Lastly, these friendly boaters, taking advantage of the nice day and Lansing Marina, zoomed by when I was taking a pic of the Grand. They waved and laughed. They may have been drunk. :)


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I love the pictures of Francis Park and the CCoL area...that's my home neighborhood when I'm not in School at MSU or working in Detroit!!

LMich, do you know anything about the rumor that a portion of FP is going to be sold off for housing development? I heard this from a friend a few weeks ago, and it would not suprise me or upset me considering the absolutely massive size of the park, and the fact that much of it is unused 365 days/year.

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I hadn't heard about that, but wouldn't be angry or suprised either. Frances Park IS massive. But, I actually see it being used quite often. There seems to be a lot of neighborhood organizations that use it for sports. I've seen everything from huge soccer tournaments to cricket matches (at least I think that is what they were doing). Still, it much more of an events park, but a great urban park.

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I actually proposed to my fiance at the rose garden/overlook, so it holds a special place for me. As for the rest of the park, I think it would be cool to put a few quality baseball diamonds in there and maybe some lighting like they have at Davis Park and that might add to the versatility of the park.

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