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Leaves have turned...best place to see them


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My wife always love to drive and see the sights. Well there are not a lot of trees here in the Vegas valley so I thought you guys could help remind me of what I am missing.


I know this is not fall foliage but I love this pic of DEC 04 ice storm in the Fayetteville NC area...this was suppossed to be a poll but the choices got dropped. So I am asking where is the best scenic places in the southeast to see some fall foliage...

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Some of the moountain villagesof NorthGeorgia (above Atlanta) offer some good views of leaves turning. I-70 and a few of the towns off of it offer some pretty nice shots. I wish I had some pics of this, but I never thought to bring my camera when I was up there. :(

I'd guess seeing the leaves turn in Atlanta's Piedmont Park must look pretty nice, too. Savannah's Squares and St. Simon's Island (if it happens down there) must be a pretty sight, also.

Any help? :)

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The Ozarks in Northwest Arkansas are breathtaking. There are a lot of scenic byways but a really nice way to see it is I-540 which has elevated bridges connecting hills and a tunnel through one but gives an elevated perspective of the region.

We were ranked the number 5 place to go see the leaves turn by NOAA or something like that.

If you want to see some pictures of the leaves, come into the Arkansas forum.

Here's one pic of leaves up here in Northwest Arkansas.


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Okay since there was some mentioning of the Ozarks and fall foliage I have to post a pic of Fayetteville I took yesterday. The fall colors ended up being a lot better than expected.


Wow I love the red intermingled with the orange...always my favorite.

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