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Zumiez, a skateboarding and snowboarding store, will open this year in the current location of The Picture People. This will be their first store in South Carolina.

Aldo will be coming to Columbiana also. They will be located where Baker Shoes currently is. 

they should build a garage behind the building Parking there is already sparse.

I think the Sears closing could bring interesting changes to the area. The mall is 20 years old as are a LOT of surrounding retailers. I wonder how many more leases won't be renewed. Any idea what's going into Barnes and Noble?


@irmoscdad  I'm pretty sure that Nordstrom Rack is going in there. No timeline , but the company that manages the shopping center already has it listed on there webpage.

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I think it's funny how quick Belk committed to opening a new store there. They must really be afraid of Macy's. A similar thing happened in Knoxville. They actually closed off the lower level of the Belk store and moved Men's, Home, & Children to Parisian after they bought it. Now, the bottom level of Belk just sits empty. I kind of find it hilarious because in the south Belk is often a better store than Macy's. In fact, the rumor is that Macy's can't compete with the Belk flagship store at SouthPark (along with Nordstrom and Dillard's) and they are rebranding as Bloomingdale's. Not sure if it would happen but I would be happy! Macy's merchandising is not very good, and even though many people say they want Macy's in various cities across the south, it's usually smaller and lower end than Belk. In fact, the only Macy's stores that have ever impressed me are Lenox Square in Atlanta, Mall at Millenia in Orlando, and Pentagon City in the DC area. I really am surprised their Columbia Place store has lasted so long, though. 

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Michael Kors, Nestle Toll House Café, and Za Pizza are all opening this month.

Michael Kors opening in Columbia?  3 years ago I would've never thought this would happen.  I just hope they don't expand even more than they already have or else they will end up just like Abercrombie and Gap.....and eventually end up closing a lot of stores.

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Hmmm interesting location...hope they got a heck of a deal on rent. I don't understand why retailers to this...they are setting themselves up for very low volume stores. Yay for Columbia for landing these retailers!

Trenholm Plaza's parking lot is always stuffed to the gills at peak shopping hours.

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George Duke never imagined the wooded lane off I-26 where he rode his bicycle 40 years ago would become an economic dynamo for the Midlands.

“It was so country,” Duke said of the dirt road that’s Harbison Boulevard today and clogged with traffic. “Nobody traveled it much.”


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I remember when this mall opened and it is hard to believe it has been 25 years.   It actually opened in two phases and the second phase made it look smaller from the interstate.  Prior to the mall, there was a major strip center (which is still there) with a Bi-Lo and a lot of other stores including a Books a Million, an Econo Lodge, and a Rush's.  That was it. Otherwise the road was fields and trees until you crossed the RR tracks, more or less.  

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I have been hearing rumors Cheesecake Factory could be opening at Columbiana. The question is where? I see Greenville is getting one in 3 weeks, but i keep hearing we are also. Only thing i can think of is JC Penny closes and they build out from there?

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