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Panormama's from above a few east Honolulu Burbs

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Hello, here are a few panorama's of some of Honolulu's eastern suburbs:

Just east of Honolulu/Waikiki (Waikiki/Honolulu to your right and Hawaii Kai to the left)


Kailua town to the far right - the built up area near the center of the pic is Kaneohe - and to the left is Honolulu


The Ko'olau mountain range


Above Waimanalo Town



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I've always loved those mountains in that area!

I've travelled alot and only saw one group of mountains anywhere in the world as beautiful and similar - the mountains around Macchu Picchu in Peru! When I travelled to Oahu last year and drove around the island and saw the exact same beauty (same in this picture) I was awestruck immediately!

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Hello, are you originally from Korea or are you working there? Seoul is a pretty fascinating city i enjoyed visiting that place every weekend when i was out in the country (Songtan)

I'm teaching English in Seoul at a university.. I've been living in and out of Korea since 1996..

I love being in Asia though.. but American by birth.. someday when I go back, it seems like Honolulu could be a really good choice for living because I prefer the strong Asian influence (predominance) of the city.

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