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Demonbreun Street Bridge


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Here is the address of an article in the Tennessean offering details about the new Demonbreun Street Bridge, the company who will build it, and its "inspired" designs:


Why do I find myself becoming more and more of a classicist with every new "design" which is inflicted upon my troubled brow?

Did the Renaissance even happen? Must everything have a "theme"? What would happen if we built a new train station in Nashville? Would it have a "bridge" theme? Why can't a bridge have a "bridge" theme?

I'm sorry...I don't mean to be a Negative Nancy, but I was really hoping for a little grace and beauty--these designs are good, considering the lack of a public standard for aesthetics. I am even pleasantly surprised. But there is something silly about them...toy-like, clunky, and cartoony. Of course, I don't necessarily blame the designer--the objective was apparently to be cartoony and he/she simply got the job done. Could be a lot worse!

But it certainly ain't no Michelangelo!! It ain't even a Frederick Law Olmsted. Low bids will do that, I guess.

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NT, I'm with you to a degree. It is a bit "done." But, in my Postive Polly way, I'd like to think that the Gulch will become so full of structures, landscaping and other neighborhood amenities on the land surrounding the bridge, that the bridge itself will be appreciated for its playful theme up close and personal, predominantly by pedestrians. This is certainly not a bridge to provide a vista or a statement from afar, but more of a conveyance among the treasures that will soon grace the Gulch.

That's my spin. Now I'm dizzy.

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I agree to an extent but I also like the idea of keeping the history of the area alive. I think when its all said and done it will be a beautiful bridge that we will all apperciate. I agree with Dave I think once the Gulch is fully developed the bridge will be noticed by mosly pedestrians. I think themes can be overdone is certain situations but I like the route they are taking with this one.

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