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Dullyouth Pt. 2 - from the street

Jacob Norlund - KC

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All of these were taken today, November 2nd.

Just east of downtown...the prettiest mall I've ever seen:


(Actually, it's a mall, brewery, hotel, and a few restaurants/bars all in one, plus access to the lakewalk out back. Built 1888)

Looking up 4th Ave. E., near Fitger's:


Housing near downtown, older style stock:


This new building looks like it could be an office park from Superior St., but is actually on the edge of downtown (and presumably, hopefully, has a normal street entrance):


Picture taken, unfortunately, from a car in the central part of Duluth's downtown, at the corner of (I think) Lake & Superior, near the new (1998ish) Tech Village:


Another picture, taken on foot, looking in the opposite direction from 4th Ave. E.


I think that this is an exit from the kind of behind-building parking lot I like (I can't stand lots in front of buildings:


This is around the eastern end of downtown. Notice how the street changes from brick (put there by the city during the 1980's local economic crisis to attract tourists) to pavement.


Picture of part (most) of the downtown of Proctor, a small town that grew up around a railyard and adjoins Duluth. If I am driving, I pass by here every day on the way to work, and if biking, I almost get to this point before making a turn. My car is the white one in the foreground.

Proctor's main drag is US Hwy 2. The western segment, which runs through Proctor, stretches from the Upper Penninsula of Michigan to the Seattle, WA area. The speed limit through town is 30 mph (about 50 kph); outside of town it increases to the recently-raised 60 mph (100 kph). When biking (or driving), I ride down about 2 boring miles of the rural segment of it.


This is looking towards the end of Proctor's downtown, just a very small pan from the last picture. A series of parking lots out front (which I don't like) begins. Note the strange little courtyard. Behind it is a windowless, apparently seemingly private Qwest (telephone company) building, accessible only (I think) from the alleyway behind it. Some kind of utility, maybe?


The Proctor railyard, which was right behind me when I was taking the last two picture (the fence you saw reflected).


Hope you enjoyed these! More coming soon.

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