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131/I-196 Construction Wrap-Ups


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According to the Press, all the work on 131 to the North and South and the I-196 ramps downtown are wrapping up this month, and some of it even this coming week:


Did MDOT ever clear the cones from the work near 28th?? <_<

I am shocked though that they did not fix Northbound 131 from Ann up to I-96 while they were at it. What a POS highway that is! Anyone know the schedule on that?

OK, Whatever! Get this about 131 to the North:

"Michigan Department of Transportation Communications Assistant Olay Vongsiprasom said traffic in that area of U.S. 131 will be mostly unrestricted by week's end while crews continue with finishing touches."

Uh, it wasn't unrestricted this morning. Northbound looks like it has quite a ways to go.

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you are my hero GRdad

the north end work zone has been my bugaboo since April. I think they haven't fixed NB from Ann to I-96 is because of the traffic flow. If memory serves, next year they are ripping out that side, they first had to finish southbound to Ann, because next spring NB traffic is being diverted to that side. And no, today the work zone is pretty bad on both sides, I got caught in it going to and coming from school.

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