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Dusk around xmas

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Getting near dusk:

33 arch street peaks over quaint building on tremont st


9 zero hotel


gold dome of the state house


fancy old building and hulking skyscraper


granery burial ground, many patriots from the us revolution


layers of buildings, old and new, ugly and nice


A carriage ride on a cold day can be real fun


I have always wondered what they do in this temple


hidden art deco gem


ruddy red brick


kind of like Paris


more deco in low light


even bland buildings look good sometimes


tall elegant art deco


glass, brick, and you guessed it


the sun setting so its time for some seafood.


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Fantastic pictures Tim! I really like the lighting! Actually that Temple has an amazing history as part of the abolishonist movement centered in Boston in the 19th Century:

Tremont Temple Baptist Church was established in 1839 as "a church with free seats, where everyone, rich or poor, black or white, should be on the same religious level" and as "the sabbath home for the stranger and the traveler." Its present building, situated in the heart of downtown Boston, was designed by C. H. Blackwell and completed in 1894. It has a large second-floor sanctuary with 1,850 plush seats.

Tremont Temple has had a long ministry of inspirational music and preaching. The pulpit of the church has been occupied by preachers and evangelists such as Dwight Moody, Evangeline Booth, Billy Sunday, Gypsy Smith, and Billy Graham. On his last visit to the U.S., Charles Dickens gave one of his famous readings at Tremont Temple, and Abraham Lincoln gave an address here before he was elected President.

The congregation of Tremont Temple today is multi-ethnic and multi-cultural, with "an active and Christ-centered ministry."

The Tremont Temple is the home of one of my personal favorite productions of Harlem Renaissance poet Langston Hughes

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EXCELLENT pics!!! Boston has a lot of nice urbanity and it is one of the cities I would love to visit again and again. Great tour, Tocoto.

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Awesome pics Tim! I love Boston...it's urban & has tons of history to it. I need to go back again soon. :)

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