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Fall Foliage from the San Juans in Southwest Colorado


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I've got to go there.

You have any of the snow-capped Rockies?

I think I may have a few more pics of some snow on the mountains. Not all of these mountains have snow on them year round. In fact a few of them had just gotten snow on the very tops while I was there. For that matter I may have some in one of my trips to New Mexico. This most recent trip was the first time I'd really gotten to see Colorado.

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I've got to go there.

You have any of the snow-capped Rockies?

Okay here we go. The first two are at Molas Pass on the way to Silverton from Durango. The next two are at Silverton, I woke up to discover it had snowed at the very highest elevations near there overnight. The rest are at Dallas Divide. It's basically on the way to Telluride from Ouray. I went by there twice but never could get there and have the sun the way I wanted it. So they didn't turn out as well as I would have liked.











Any other requests or questions? I'll have to look at some of my older pics to see if I have any snow capped mountains in some of my older vacation trips to New Mexico. I may also eventually start some other topics focusing on certains aspects of some of my trips. Some pics of the adobe architecture of New Mexico might be nice.

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