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Biometric Payment Systems come to CLT


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Lowes Foods has started its biometric payment system in the CLT area. Patrons of these stores, once registered, can pay for their purchases by inserting a finger into a scanner, and the amount will be charged to a pre-arranged account. No checks, no cards, no ID, or anything else is required.

In the CLT area, most Lowes foods are found on the edges of the city. Others are in the Lake Norman, Gastonia, and Ft Mill area.

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Call me crazy, but I worry about who has my "fingerprint data" and where it is being stored. SSN losses are scary enough...

Yeah, I can see how that's a scary thought, but fingerprints are much, much harder to fake even WITH the stolen data than is repeating a stolen SSN... or stolen info on a credit card, debit card, or checkbook for that matter. That's why biometric ID is so coveted in the information security field. As long as it's done in person it's lots safer.

Oh yeah, and Maggie Moo's has it too :)

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