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Most important building projects:


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1) Schemerhorn Symphony Hall. Nashville needs this world class facility. It explains itself.

2) The Sounds Ballpark. We all know what this can do for Nashville.

3) Suntrust Plaza. Finally a new Class A office tower in downtown. A much badly needed office tower to show the country we are serious about corporate locations in downtown. I like Roundabout Plaza and 2525 West End, but downtown needs all of the business tax revenues we can get. We need about ten more 10 to 15 story office towers to get property tax revenues back to downtown and away from Cool Springs and Maryland Farms.

4) The Hume Fogg Gymnasium. If people are going to live downtown, their children need at least one high school that can have athletic programs on site rather than having to borrow some other schools facilities.

5) The Federal Courthouse. Imagine thousands more people working and eating downtown. This will add some vitality to an otherwise dead two block area.

6) The new MTA City Center. Finally a classy hub to centralize mass transit services to the thousands of riders everyday who need a safe, dry facility to buy tickets, wait for the bus, and even watch their children while they work downtown.

7) The new park in front of the Metro Courthouse. Finally a nice park downtown that will show civic pride and community.

8) The new Ben West Tower. An architectual masterpiece tying in state government offices with local government to make working together easier.

Those are my "big" 8. I purposely left the Viridian and other residential towers off the list. Residential towers are NOT going to provide the city a consistent revenue stream except in yearly property taxes that are collected in the mortgage payments anyway. The 8 I chose will be consistent revenue streams for the city, or projects that will bring people downtown to spend money.

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The Doorman of Poetry has offered a precise and accurate listing of downtown Nashville's most important proposed and currently under way developments. I will do two lists. The first will exclude individual residential projects.

My list:

1. Schermerhorn Symphony Center

2. Sounds/Streuver Bros. project

3. Rolling Mill Hill

4. The Gulch

5. SunTrust Plaza

6. Church Street/Capitol Boulevard redesign

7. Federal Courthouse

8. Metro Courthouse/Public Square/Briley Courts Building/A.A. Burch Complex (these are essentially being done together and will work in tandem once finished)

9. Urban Hill Grocery in Viridian

10. MTA facility

11. Gateway Boulevard

12. Hume-Fogg High gym

13. Alice Aycock's Ghost Machine art piece on the East Bank

14. Hampton Inn Hotel at Fourth and Gateway

Individual residential projects:

1. Viridian

2. Icon

3. 12th and Division

4. Stahlman renovation

5. Encore

6. Kress

7. Lofts at The Exchange

8. Church Street Lofts

William Williams

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The Ben West Building addition is not an architectural masterpiece. Actually, I think it could pass for any mid-size hospital in rural America. The architecture is terrible. More importantly, the building block the capitol's east axis...eliminating the view of the portico. The design could have worked with this important view...instead...it just blocked the view. Shame....shame....

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^ Well no. I think its open to all, its just that Nashville forumers tend to dominate the forum in terms of numbers, thus we get alot of content from them. So I would post your Memphis projects, I'd bet others would follow suit.

I can always get sub-forums made if folks feel its necessary.

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1) UT Baptist Biotech Park

2) The Vue on Main

3) Horizon Condos

4) ....

I would agree with you about the UT biotech park for no. 1. But, I'd put the South End project at no. 2.

I think the South End will have much more impact on downtown than the Vue. The Vue will be in the middle of a number of existing highrise residential buildings--99 Tower Place (25 stories), the soon to be converted Lincoln American Tower (22 stories), the Exchange Building (20 stories), 10 Main (16 stories), the converted Goodwyn Building (18 stories), Waterford Plaza (16 stories), Claridge House (15 stories), Shrine Building (14 stories), and the Porter Building (10 stories).

The South End has over 1100 units, all of which are either under construction or in the sales contract period. And it's all being done on 30 acres which should create one of the densest neighborhoods in the South. It will also seamlessly blend into the adjoining South Main area:

Horizon Towers, $100 million, 350 condos

648 Riverside, $20 million, 66 condos

Carolina Lofts, $15 million, 72 condos/townhouses

Hoover Building, $10 million, 42 condos

State Place, $50 million, 202 condos

Rooftops, $5 million, 12 townhouses

City Commons, $10 million, 44 condos

City Commons Too, $4 million, 11 townhouses

City House, $12 million, 40 condos

8 West G.E. Patterson, $3.5 million, 20 condos

Art House Apartments, $30 million, 250 apartments

Nettleton, $10 million, 24 condos

456 Tennessee, $8 million, 26 condos

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After seeing the article about the Convention Center, I would have to say that will be the most important project if approved. The impact on Nashville would be tremendous. Exposure to a whole new group of conventioneers that are use to L.A., New York, Chicago, etc., not to mention the economic impact of a 400 million dollar development in terms of tax dollars and new growth that would be spured around the site. Nashville is just now coming into its own and we can control how we grow after seeing the mistkes of other Cities. What an opportunity!

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