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city guy

New Strategy Has Region Working Together

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They just hired a new director for this program and the funding $16 million is in place, so hopefully this new direction will payoff for the region with jobs and increased profile. Only time will tell.

Select Greater Philadelphia Article

Good post city guy.

After 100 years of the region cannabilizing itself it finally got the right idea. Better late than never.

The city and region from Wilmington all the way around to Princeton has so much potential. I think a big selling point should be the Jersey shore A.C due south to Cape May. And Philadelphia has to start doing its part as the regions core. The city needs to do more to lure business into the city. Select Philadelphia also was promised $1 million dollar from the city of Philadlephia which it hasn't given up yet. Give it up Street you have to spend money to make money you cheap beotch.

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:lol: didn't realize Street had a problem SPENDING money :lol:

That looks really cool if the region can pull it off, I like the big thinking aspect of it, including AC and all.

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