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Columbia Economic Notes


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Waccamatt got us started with these and I made a few additions/revisions. I'm up for suggestions on how we could best format this and track the projects.

Blue = Proposed

Green = Under Construction

First Citizens Tower downtown

Main Street Beautification downtown


Kline Iron and Steel site office buildings

The Spur at Williams-Brice

Gameday Condos near USC

Hardee Expressway (airport area)

The Village at Sandhill (huge development)

Lexington Medical Center second tower

Palmetto Richland Memorial Hospital Heart surgery wing

Palmetto Richland Hospital in Irmo

Providence Hospital NE expansion

Harden St/Five Points beautification

Lady Street (Vista) beautification

Renaissance Plaza in the Vista

New USC School of Public Health

Convention Center Hilton Vista/Downtown (land clearing underway, design approval pending)

USC Research Campus (two 5-story office bldgs to begin construction soon)

Benedict College football stadium and wellness center

Two Notch Road widening

Blythewood High School

Congaree Village on WC riverbank

The City Club condos/townhouses across from State Museum

State Hospital Site

Canal Front Development

Please post any additions or revisions you can think of and we'll go from there. Eventually I'd like to do a fly-over style map marking all of them and their various stages of development.

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Okay so here's what I came up with!

The University of South Carolina Research Campus: This campus I believe is supposed to be about 500 acres and will include 1000 multifamily housing units, w/ 500 sq ft of commercial retail space. Basically it is supposed to be a marriage of the university and private business much like the RTP in RDU, except USC's forte will be hydrogen cell research. Carolina is supposed to add as many as 600 new faculty upon completion of the campus.

-First Citizens Bank HQ on Main St.: 9 story's w/ 170,000 sq ft.

-Completion of the 17 story Meridian Building Main St. in (2003) I think?

-Canalside Development: riverfront multiuse development in DT which includes a hotel, shops, cafes, lofts/ condos, and offices.

-Two companies are developing luxury condos for tailgating: one will be near the USC football stadium, and the other will be in the vicinity of the research campus. I can't remember the names of the developments right now?

-Completion of a renovated confederate printing plant into a Publix Grocery Store in the Vista district (2004).

-New office buildings to be developed by Kline Properties (Vista area).

-The Three Rivers Greenway: A continuous 12mi park system stretching from the immediate suburbs through downtown. Includes walking/biking paths, amphitheatre, and canoe access into the broad river.

-300 Gervais St. Project,: 46 luxury condos near the river.

-USC baseball stadium to be built in the Vista.

-Main St., & 5 points entertainment district beautification projects: expanding sidewalks, adding benches, trees, and things of that nature.

-The Palmetto building on Main will be renovated into a 112 room hotel.

-Olympia Mills: An old mill that will be converted into Lofts. It will be the second one of its kind in the city.

Completion of the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center (Fall 04).

-Development of the Convention Center Hotel: Hilton hotel that will be linked to the new convention center in the Vista. Last I knew it was supposed to have hanging gardens on the roof but I could be wrong?

-Columbia just started a horse & carriage tour for DT.

-The State Hospital Development: 178 Acre mixed use development located near the CBD area.

-West Columbia Revitalization Project: Mixed use walking community including all the "new urbanism projects"

-Renaissance Plaza: 60 upscale condos/ offices in the Vista.

-903 Huger St.: another mixed use development near the Vista district.

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How could I forget about the baseball stadium! Also, the Colonial Center is only 2 years old. I also forgot to list the conversion of the Barringer Building - Columbia's oldest skyscraper (1903) into apartments. Let's see...what else...the University has a hotel under construction and a parking garage under construction and there is construction going on at Williams-Brice Stadium

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Definitely. If you could buy stock in cities Columbia would be a strong buy -- and probably still a pretty good value. I'd buy it.

We should -- I'm not volunteering to do it alone :) -- make a list of *all* the projects going on like they have in the Charlotte forum.

I split the above posts for this topic. Lets try not to list things twice unless there is a change to the project or you have something else to say about it. If we can keep this alive I will pin it with the Greenville one :thumbsup:

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I don't know howmany people have seen this but this will be the new law center at USC will look like. It's kinda old but I haven't seen it on this site yet? Has anyone seen any construction in this area yet?

New law School



As seen from Senate St.


As seen from Pickens St.


As seen from Gervais St.


As seen from Bull St.


USC School of Law

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I have seen these renderings before. There is no construction on that site yet. I haven't actually heard about plans for it outside of these renderings. The current Law School building is very old and is in dire need of repair/replacement. The inside looks like it hasn't been rennovated since the 70's.

The current site off of S Main would be a good area to expand the Research Campus since there are already other science buildings in that area.

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The timberlake (south Chapin) area of lake murray will be seeing an $80 million residential development going up. Bay Communities of Florida is responsible. They will build nearly 200 condos and townhomes, along with a new clubhouse, and other recreational amenities. Some buildings will rise six stories. Construction will start in six months and will take approximately 2 years to complete.

I wish I had the rendering to show you guys. This thing is going to be pretty big!

I'll see if I can scan it later.

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The twenty issues of 2005

West Columbia

Dont know yet what is going on here, maybe the skyline will finally cross the river.

usc research park

More researchpark stuff

Hopefully this will provide Cola with a big developing boom

usc baseball stadium

STILL waiting

Kline Iron and Huger Street

kline project106325566838.jpgThis looks to be the most excting thing For Cola I have heard as of late, an unspecified office building going up one the corner of Gerveis and Huger to blend The Vista and downtown togother.

Main st


5 Points Revitilization



Super Regional Retail Center with three power retail anchors and currently negotiating a fourth.

Upscale Retail tenants with today's hottest fashions.

Numerous Restaurants, Bistros and Sidewalk Cafes on a street scape scene.

State-of-the-Art Movie Theatre with stadium seating, large screens and digital Dolby sound.

Sports Plex with three soccer fields, workout room and basketball court all under one roof.

Two large community centers with supermarket, furniture and home oriented tenants.

Array of financial institutions and service tenants for friendly community access.

Planned residential, office and community oriented facilities.

Village at sandhill video


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Welcome to the forum "the future"!

I think I've seen you post a few times on either SSP or SSC.

Anyway nice post. I really enjoyed the first one about the region in 2005. There are alot of things going on.

Columbia doesn't give itself enough credit for all the developments going on in the area. I don't know if it is because of city leadership and lack of getting the word out, or if it's because we being the largest city in the state expect it here? That seemed to be the mentality of the area to downplay anything going on until about 3-4 years ago. Anyway that's another issue I've been meaning to address. Great post keep them coming.

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Here are some more renderings of developments going on at USC.

The begining stages of the Research Campus. This Rendering of course will not be the entire campus only the beginning of a series of buildings to come. I also believe this building will be called the Verizon Center?


The School of Public Health


The Inn at USC


Opening May 2005

IMIC Hotels develops Inn At USC

E.L."Bert" Pooser, Jr. and IMIC Hotels is developing the Inn at USC in Columbia, South Carolina in cooperation with the University of South Carolina Development Foundation. This 117-unit inn with 31 two-room suites has been designed to compliment two historic structures on the 1600 block of Pendleton Street in the heart of the University. A front plaza with fountain leads to the lobby and to gardens typical of the University neighborhood. Balconies and porches give the Inn the feel of the residential area surrounding it.

The Kirkland apartment building on the west side will be restored to its original use of six apartments. These apartments will provide housing for Department of Justice employees on long-term assignments to the Ernest F. Hollings National Advocacy Center. The Black House in the center of the block will be restored and incorporated into the Inn. The first floor will serve as a lobby, offices, and a library. The second floor will feature three luxury suites. The inn will consist of three floors with the third floor designated as the concierge level with a concierge lounge.

Other amenities include a full cooked-to-order breakfast in a spacious dining area, free high-speed internet access throughout the inn, a fitness center, meeting and seminar rooms, and catering services available. The Inn is scheduled to open May 2005.

Here are a few articles that I haven't seen before about Columbia's/USC hi-tech future.


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