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East "Cash"ville and some extras.


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Went on a bit of a photo spree today through East Nashville. Dave will for sure recognize some of these shots. Really had a feel that the vibe in this part of town is picking up and becoming more of what it should be. I like what I am seeing here.

The wife and I ate lunch at Rose Peppers in a quaint little corner of Eastland Drive. What a meal. Anyways, here are the pics from the area around it and some pics from further away in Inglewood. *gansta voice* HOLLAAAA!!!!































Thanks for lookin'.


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I agree. The East Nashville shots look a lot like some Midtown Memphis areas as well as some places in St. Louis and Minneapolis. I am amazed at how quickly Viridian is going up.

Honestly, I take this as a very big compliment. Thank you. Those areas that you mentioned are some of the most unique neighborhoods in the US and to be even compared with them says alot. Thank you for saying that.

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Great pics as always Lexy!! I liked getting to see some East Nashville pics. Hopefully the forum will see some more East and North Nashville pics in future. Those are both incredibly interesting areas now with all the revitalization and urban renewal going on.

Thanks for taking the time to take all these great pics and post them for us. As always its really appreciated by all I feel confident to say.

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Hmm, looks like you followed me on my morning commute this morning. Yep, I know these areas pretty well. East Nashville is an interesting place. Remind me to give you a "homeboy's" tour of this side of town sometime.

Now, to ramble. You said gangsta probably about the shot that says Ray's SuperSaver. I don't know who Ray is or really care to, but (cue the music, please) I grew up not far from here. A mile or so toward the river, and actually my house is in this outer Inglewood 'burb. This little corner at Riverside Drive and McGavock has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Since you were there today, I'll give a quick description of a part of Dave's past you drove through.

The sign on the market says Rays, but if you look closer, it says Doris. Charlie Doris, father of my friend Vickie, ran a neighborhood grocery store then. Let's pin 1969 on this little retrospect. I was 16. Next to that (where they're selling those big shiny wheels) was Mr. Martin's cleaners, and then, the alley. Next to that is a pizza place, an "upscale hair, ha" place, and a market that seems to have rather bare shelves. That building housed Riverside Pharmacy, one of a vibrant collection of neighborhood drugstores, and the one where I had my first job. It was there where I delivered prescriptions, make milkshakes for Dottie West, dished butter pecan ice cream for Roy Acuff, cooked hamburgers, ate homemade pies, fought with the boss's mother, and made some real neighborhood friends. I was the Opie Taylor of that neighborhood, and loved every second of my $.95 cent an hour job. Next to that was a private home sprite beauty shop, across the street was Mr. Paris's Sinclair station where I burned the soda fountain's garbage (yep, BURNED IT...fire pits were fun). Across the double drive was Mrs. Creech's 5&Dime, a little restaurant, and a market. There was even a 7/11. It was idyllic. Now, it's not, but familiar enough to me to be able to go inside the market that remains on my way to somewhere else. It's sad that this little commercial district has gone so far in the other direction, but I'm sooooo lucky to have lived when it was real. The rif-raf will be short-lived I believe as the neighborhood surrounding it is gentrifying, although somewhat slowly. It's amazing that as you go a mile or two toward the river that the area can look like some older parts of Green Hills, with the houses on the high Cumberland bluffs.

I know Ray's area looked a bit rough, and to me, it looks a bit scary nowadays, but I wanted you to know, what was, and that I was a very big part of those little buildings back when I was in high school.

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Both myself and Casey (and her whole family for that matter) appreciate this trip down memory lane. Casey actually grew up in the house directly behind Ron's Market. She spent a number of years there and just driving by brought a tear to her eye. I have a picture of Riverside as it tops the bluff just past Shelby Park and it is true what you said. It looks like another neighborhood. I too believe that the life that once was, will be again, at the corner of McGavock and Riverside. It's only a matter of time and who will start it.

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You know, sometimes when I see the Nashville skyline from certain angles it could pass for Pittsburgh. Now I know the buildings aren't the same but the density is coming 'round. Actually, I am very glad that the Nashville skyline has a much more Northeastern feel to it but thats just my opinion.

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^ Thanks for the kind words. Memphian, I agree 100%. There are, believe it or not, places in Nashville that would make you think it's in the midwest or even (this is a stretchhhhhh) the northeast. Not overwhelming evidence, just subtle details. A testament to the founding fathers of the city and the diversity that came with them in the years that followed.

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These are fine pics. Thanks for posting.

I love the Tennessee flag hanging in the oriental market. I wonder if the Nissan people saw that.

BTW: Speaking of the state flag, it was featured prominently in the student court scene at Faber College in the movie Animal House. It is one of the better looking ones.

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