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Columbia area leads the state in computer/internet use


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Not much but I just thought this was an interesting read. It seems that SC and the region ie NC, and GA lag behind the rest of the nation in computer/internet usage. VA was the only SE state noted above and beyond the pack ranked 11th (honestly can this state along with NJ lately do no wrong? I'm sure next week we'll here about how resident's in Norfolk are walking on water). GA was 30th, our smug neighbors to the north were 42nd ;) , and SC was 44th. In the state of SC as quoted by the article, "Lexington and Richland counties are an island, and Internet use is much higher here and in the populous areas of the state, such as Charleston and Greenville." I'm sure this is largely due to the presence of USC, and the regions highly educated population! SC CPU usage

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The first time I used a computer I was in 2nd or 3rd grade, and this was at a poor ass Richland district #1 elementary school back in the mid 80's. I remember actually opting to stay inside for recess and play "Oregon Trail". That was major for me because I loved to play kickball at recess.

Matt it amazes me at this day and age that people can still be computer illiterate. Me however I'm just grammatically and spelling illiterate. I usually have my girlfriend write what I'm trying to say.

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I can believe it. And it really does seem like Virgina is getting a lot of shine these days. But I think historically the state has been a progressive one...except for that nasty incident in which Richmond was made the capital of the Confederacy. ;)

I like VA,it has a different vibe to it. It's southern but there is a heavy northern/mid-atlantic influence there. Even in its southern most metro VA Beach. It moves faster than many large southern cities.

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