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Uhhh question........


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Lexy buddy I think you might be thinking a little bit too hard!

:unsure: Well it bothers the hell out of me for goodness sake. I mean really. The Tennessean can do articles about drunk hippos having ganbang parties at the frozen pond, but they can't get to the bottom of this. What a travesty!!!!! A downright OUTRAGE!!!! There will be riots in the streets. Civil unrest at the highest!!! It'll be, dare I say, ANARCHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm tired and I think I may go to bed now. :whistling:

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LOL, well then maybe we can organize a group to meet up and march down there and pickett the purple lights. You are correct about the Tennessean though. I remember one time they had a big story on wich way to put your toilet paper, over or under? It will be okay Lex we will take care of it.

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Do I have clearance Clarance.

I think the entire downtown could do better with lights at Christmas. Nothing has ever been done with the taller buildings at Christmas. THen we could say " Look at all the purdy colors"

I reckon you be riiiight.

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we're thrilled w/the lights -- noticed them a couple weeks ago and thought we were imagining it! Now we admire them every night! I had always said they should do something more to show off the structure of the building. Maybe they read my mind!


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