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Babcock Ranch (Lee [Ft. Myers]/Charlotte Counties)


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Here is an update article on the Babcock Ranch Land issue. Bascially there is a 92,000 acre ranch up for grabs. It is located in both Charlotte and Lee counties and an important watershed area. The original plan was for the state to buy and preserve the whole parcel but this did not work out and now there will most likely be some development of the area.

Babcock Ranch purchase plan hinges on water rights


By MICHAEL PELTIER, [email protected]

and KATE SPINNER, [email protected]

November 9, 2005


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Well, during November the state approved the purchase of the Babcock Ranch property. The state is picking up 74,000 acres of the ranch at $350 million. This will be done over the next few years....

The remaining acreage can be developed by both Charlotte (which has the majority of the remaining land) and Lee counties. One developer is trying to negotiate a a deal on the remaining land in Charlotte county calling for 19,500 homes and 6 million square feet of commercial space on a 17,800 acre space on the corner of the existing ranch.


Cabinet approves Babcock Ranch deal

By Daily News staff

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


"You have just successfully approved the largest conservation land acquisition in the state of Florida," Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Colleen Castille told members after the vote.....

Read more here: http://www.bonitanews.com/news/2005/nov/22...ock_ranch_deal/

Charlotte County to consider a city in Babcock Ranch

By Greg Martin, Special to the Daily News

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Charlotte County Commission decided Monday to collaborate with a developer to build a modern city in Babcock Ranch.....

Read More: http://www.bonitanews.com/news/2005/nov/22..._babcock_ranch/

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