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A New Courthouse


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Well, this was interesting. Peyton is planning to go back to a design competition. Personally, I hope KBJ enters again and WINS! Should be interesting, even though we won't see a courthouse for many moons.

The above article also mentions some other BJP news...

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I have no problems with classical design. Neotraditional skyscrapers are often some of the most attractive, in my opinion. Classical doesn't have to mean a Palladian dome like cannon's design - it can still be a skyscraper.

Also, I hoestly don't give a - s h i t - if my public buildings "take me to the future." ;) I'll be quite happy as long as they respect the present with asthetic taste and city-friendly design! Classical, International, Modernist, freaking Deconstructivist, just make it respect the city around it.

(That being said, I always preferred KBJ over Cannon. However, I always thought Cannon's biggest flaws were where it ignored classical design, and had many unadorned, utlitarian windows.)

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