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Kentucky's Geographic Divisions

Rural King

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So where do you feel the geographic divisions of Northern, Central, Western, Eastern, and Southern Kentucky fall? Or in otherwords, outside of the defined geographic regions of KY, ie Purchase, Bluegrass, Pennyrile, etc, how do you define the more broad geographic divisions of KY.

Let me define the only division I feel confindent enough to do so:

Western KY - Mainly defined regions of the Purchase, western Pennyrile (Pennyroyal), and the Western KY Coalfields. Or in other words if you drew a line from straight Hardinsburg(Breckinridge) down through Morgantown (Grayson) to Bowling Green (Warren). Although in all honesty IMO a line from Owensboro straigh down to Hopkinsville would seem more fitting.

After that my definitions would get alot weaker:

Central - The Golden Triangle and surronding counties, or in other words most of the Bluegrass region-minus its northern and northeastern counties.

Northern - Primarily Boone, Kenton, and Campbell counties, but I guess most of the other northern and northeastern counties of the Bluegrass region would fall into it as well.

Eastern - All counties that lie in the Appalachian Range/Eastern Kentucky Coal Field region.

Southern- Those counties in the Pennyrile (Pennyroyal) that are east of West KY-South of the Central KY, and west of Eastern KY. Or does this even exist as a general geographic division?

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