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Will Atlanta & Charlotte sprawl encroach on the Upstate


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And how many times have we discussed THIS subject on UP? :D

Firstly, I want to know since when have Charlotte and Atlanta been the Southeast's two largest cities? Whether we're speaking of municipalities or metropolitan areas, this statement would be wrong either way, at least in part. Atlanta and Miami are the two largest metropolitan areas in the Southeast, and Jacksonville and Charlotte would both constitute the two largest municipalities in the Southeast.

Anyway, with the technicalities out of the way, this little piece is certainly looking YEARS into the future. Check out the "Southeast Megalopolis" thread (something like that) about Atlanta in the Southern USA forum to check out some of those comments about an I-85 "megalopolis."

At any rate, the Clemson professor is right. Spillover alone won't do the trick. Also, sometimes I think too much is made of Greenville's location on I-85. Sure it's a well-traveled interstate in the South, but Montgomery, AL is on I-85 as well. And when's the last time we heard something from them? :) Greenville's growth has been fueled by vision and hard work. Of course it helps to have visibility along I-85, but at the same time, a city has to invest in itself in order to make a name for itself so that its name won't easily escape the memory (e.g., Shelby, Lavonia, etc.).

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I read that on the front page of today's Greenville News, myself.

I don't think the sprawl from Atlanta or Charlotte will reach Greenville, even in 40 years. Our sprawl from Greenville may stretch out and meet the sprawl from Atlanta. The sprawl from Spartanburg/Gaffney may stretch over and mingle with the sprawl from Charlotte. I suppose it could become one big megalopolis after a while, true; however, I just can't see it happening.

The advent of telecommuting may also be something to consider here.

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I think its possible some time in the distant future. I am hoping that long before that time comes we will have a good control on what kind of growth is occuring where, so that hopefully we will be a more dense region instead of the 5th worst sprawl in America.

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