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Interesting real estate transation

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From today's City Paper:

Jo Johnston Ave. & Gay Street, Nashville, 37203, Mary S. Sloan/Warren B. Sloan/Mark Sloan/Mary Sloan/Sylvia Sloan Hopkins/Eric Hopkins/Pamela Sloan Klins/Mike Klins/Seth Sloan/Berney J. Sloan/John W. Nolan III/Michael Nolan/Pamela Klins/George Nolan/Tobi Nolan/Brad Siamond/Michael W. Nolan/Mary S. Siegrist to Crosland Capitol View LLC, $304,713

I drive by this area on my way to work from my home at Row 8.9n, and always think how under-used but potentially valuable this area is. I'm hoping it's a good sign that Crosland bought it. I'm not sure of the exact specs on the parcel, but from the street names I guess it could be any of the land bound by Gay St (S), Jo Johnston (N), the elevated railroad tracks (E) and I-40 (W). This is another one of the few mostly-vacant areas which has unobstructed views to the Capitol building and downtown. If anyone learns more specific details, please share.

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