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New bridge for memphis?


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Why downtown?

The bridge would have to have a major roadway on each end.

Where would you put that roadway on the downtown side without plowing through established neighborhoods?

ya i know i know, i wasnt thinking there. but i like the scenic look of cool bridges in constrast with the skyline.

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I would like to see it go across the river at President's Island. It should have an exit onto Harbor and then continue across the harbor channel where it could link up to the railyards and have exits for Mitchell and Shelby. You could easily put in a spur to I-55. This would give additional access to President's Island and the Railyards. It could connect into 61 around Horn Lake. Knowing Mississippi and wanting better access to the casinos, It would be finished by Mississippi to where 304 comes in. There would be very little disruption of houses. It would improve the multi-model abilities of both super-railyards, clear up the backup of trucks to President's Island, and improve access to the casinos and the new I-69.

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