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NASCAR Hall of Fame & NC (Why it belongs here!)

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I've always wondered about the legacy of Junior Johnson....

This is why the NASCAR Hall of Fame Belongs in NC.

Check out this link:

& This one (Written in 1965 by Thomas Wolfe in Esquire Magazine):

Junior Johnson made NASCAR!

Here is an excerpt:

As Wolfe tells it: "Finally, one night they had Junior trapped on the road up toward the bridge around Millersville, there's no way out of there, they had the barricades up and they could hear this souped-up car roaring around the bend, and here it comes - but suddenly they can hear a siren and see a red light flashing in the grille, so they think it's another agent, and boy, they run out like ants and pull those barrels and boards and sawhorses out of the way, and then - Ggghhzzzzzzzhhhhhhggggggzzzzzzzeeeeeong! - gawdam! there he goes again, it was him Junior Johnson! with a gawdam agent's si-reen and a red light in his grille!"

He actually served a year in Jail for running ' friend actually got a hold of some (supposedly Junior Johnsons) last month from North Wilkesboro I ever had!

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