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Minneapolis Light Rail System!

Montrose Neighborhood

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Warehouse District/Hennepin Ave. Station


Nicollet Mall


Government Center


Downtown East/Metro dome Station


Cedar Riverside Station


Franklin Ave. Station


Lake Street/Midtown Station


38th Street Station


46th Street Station


50th Street/Minnehaha Park Station


V.A. Medical Center Station


Fort Snelling Station


Lindbergh Terminal Station


Lindbergh Terminal Station


Humphrey Station


Humphrey Station


American Boulevard Station


Bloomington Corporate Center


Mall of America Station



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when does construction start?

Construction started quite a long time ago and some LRVs are already testing!

Good lookin' stations and cars! Someone from the Minneapple can probably answer more precisely, but, I think it's supposed to be open in a bit less than 2 months.

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Here's some good news though:

Northstar Commuter Rail Supporters Rally at the State Capitol Supporters Urge Legislators to Approve Funding for Northstar

PR News Wire

Published February 26, 2004

SAINT PAUL, Minn., Feb. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- A crowd of more than 200 supporters rallied at the State Capitol today to demonstrate the broad public support for Northstar commuter rail and urge the Minnesota Legislature to approve Governor Pawlenty's request for funding for Northstar in the 2004 bonding bill. Residents from throughout the state, local officials, and business and labor leaders joined key legislators in voicing their support for the Northstar project.

"The fact that hundreds of supporters took time out of their day to come to the Capitol shows that people want relief from traffic congestion," said Rep. Kathy Tingelstad (R-Andover), chief author of the Northstar legislation in the Minnesota House of Representatives. "Their message to us was loud and clear -- the time for Northstar is now."

"Because of the increasing number of people living in the state -- which in the metro area is going to grow by 600,000 people in the next ten to fifteen years -- we need alternative forms of transportation," declared Senate Majority Leader, Sen. Dean Johnson (DFL-Willmar) to the gathered supporters. "We need the Northstar Corridor to be built as soon as possible."

Speaker of the House, Rep. Steve Sviggum (R-Kenyon) also addressed the crowd. "This [Northstar] is an important part of a balanced transportation system. I'm here to tell you that this project is a good one, it ought to go, and we will make sure the vote comes forward on the House floor to pass the bill."


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NOW that's a big expansion

It's not an expansion, it's commuter rail...a project separate from the LRT system. Commuter rail is heavy rail, & doesn't have as many stops as an LRT system would. The distances between stops are also much longer.

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