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Center City Charlotte Construction Update


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There is currently about $600M worth of construction currently underway in Center City Charlotte. I decided this afternoon to go around and take a few pics to update everyone on the progress.

I started out near home with CityView Lofts on N Davidson St in First Ward.

This is the side view from Garden District Drive:


Here is the front viewed from Davidson St. near the intersection of 10th St.


Here is what it will look like when complete:


Next stop is Imaginon on 7th and Brevard. This will be the new Children's Learning Center. Notice the top is down on the BMW Convertible, it was quite nice out today.


This is what it will look like when complete:


Here is a bird's eye view of Imaginon from 7th St Station: To orient you the left edge of the picture is 7th St....and towards the top is Brevard St.


Looking over to the right you can see Imaginon in the forground and the new Arena construction underway in the background. In the lower right hand corner you can see where the Trolley Tracks are, which will also be the light rail tracks in the future.


Here is a better pic of the Arena construction. Most of the subsurface work is done (drilling huge pilings into the ground) Now they have started building some of the exterior walls.


Another picture of the new Arena Construction. In the background is the CATs Transportation Center...look closely and you will see a few buses inside there.


Continue on to Part II:


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Great pics. I really need to visit Charlotte one of these days...it's really pathetic, I've been to North Carolina about 10 times, and not one of those time have I gotten to go to Charlotte. I need to plan a major road trip this summer :).

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Future Residential Projects for Uptown:

- Spectrum Apartment complex on Poplar St, next to Fifth & Poplar...construction should begin soon.

- There are a number of projects in First Ward, 3 that I can think of right now, however none of them have been annouced at this time, but I expect to hear something in the next 3-6 months.

- There is also the potential that 2 Wachovia Annex could be turned into condos, pending a study to come out later this year.

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Great shots, uptownliving, and a wonderful update. The Queen City seems to be moving VERY fast to the right direction and I can't wait until all those projects are finished. Uptown is going to be a VERY "hot" place in the nearest future, and I am talking about true urban feel, not just impressive skyscrapers. Keep us posted, you know how much we love photos :)

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49er, the latest word on the street is that it will be a coffee shop. You are correct that it is the only new retail in residential part of First Ward in quite some time. However, technically BofA Corp Center and Hearst are all in First Ward and there is a lot of retail there, and 7th St Station (Reid's)

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Great pics uptown! I was really hoping for a bar in the corner of cityview lofts, you know it would have been so convenient for me ;)

This has been the year of infill that previous years have left out. 2-3 years ago, the buzz was on all the new towers and large projects, now we are seeing the aftershock of new residential and retail development that will follow on the coat tails of so much commercial development. Exciting news is that the old convention center will become an entertainment with movie theaters and shopping hub for a downtown that has been described as sanitized... clean but devoid of soul. All of this is leading up to a 24 hour, living/working downtown that can be a model for smart growth as well as the next phase of Charlotte's re-invention.

Development hasn't slowed down, just shifted gears. Thanks for the pics Uptown!

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