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A bike ride through Duluth, MN, and Superior / Oliver, WI - Part 1

Jacob Norlund - KC

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I went on a long bike ride today, beginning from my family's store in West Duluth, taking 40th Ave. W. and 1st St. W. to the Ped / Bikeway on the Bong Bridge, crossed over to Superior, WI, took a highway out of Superior through a rural area to the tiny town of Oliver, WI, crossed over a much smaller bridge back into Duluth, and rode back to my store.

Most of these pictures were taken with autofocus/autoexposure, some while in motion (not necessarily recommended!), so the quality is not always the best.

Here are pictures, in the order of the ride:

fllwk4.jpg - Looking back on 40th Ave. W.

fllxzc.jpg - Coming down 1st St. W. (I think that's what it is, lol), not far from the pedestrian / bicycle entrance to the very long Bong Bridge.

fllyc3.jpg - Entering the bikeway

fllymh.jpg - Coming up the bikeway.

fllytx.jpg - Looking backwards towards Duluth.

fllz6q.jpg - A view from the bridge, looking SW I think.

fllzkk.jpg - Crossing...

fllzra.jpg - It actually looks kind of cool, doesn't it?

flm16b.jpg - Wisconsin welcomes me...

flm1lf.jpg - And the bikeway ends...

flm1s9.jpg - The first road

flm23q.jpg - The Billings Park neighborhood in Superior.

flm2di.jpg - An odd housing development I spotted

flm2py.jpg - Coming up the (railroad overpass) bridge...

flm2vm.jpg - And coming down

flm4a0.jpg - Downtown Superior, WI

flm4gz.jpg - More Downtown Superior.

flm4nl.jpg - Pulling out of downtown into the land of strip malls, fast food joints, and parking lots.

flm4yh.jpg - Strip mall land continues

flm590.jpg - Looking backwards (not the direction I'm going in) through the area back to the Duluth hill.

flm5gp.jpg - Past strip mall land, now into a less dense zone.

flm5p3.jpg - Now on Hwy 105, heading towards Oliver, WI, about 5 miles (8 km) distant.

flv5u9.jpg - The Downtown of Oliver, WI, pop. 265

flv61z.jpg - Right past Oliver, about to re-enter Minnesota.

flv693.jpg - A narrow bridge. This links Oliver to the Gary / New Duluth neighborhood of Duluth, MN, in the city's far west.

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