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Center City Charlotte Construction Update PART II


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The tour continues with the new Johnson & Wales building well underway. Here is the view from Trade and Ceder St:


Walking further down Trade St and turning around I got another pic of J&W:


This is what it will look like when complete:


Walking around Gateway I came across the future site of the new bookstore which will be run by Barnes & Noble. This is right next to the Chick Fil A for those of you that know the area.


Going down Ceder St I took some pictures of the new J&W Dorms underway. This is quite a large building that will have space for some 800 students. It is split into 2 buildings with a courtyard inbetween the 2. Here is the view from 4th and Ceder.


Walking down Ceder St you can see the Courtyard that will seperate the 2 buildings. On the left side is the building from the previous picture. On the right side is the other dorm building.They will have a nice view here:


Walking further down Ceder St and looking back at 4th one can see both buildings.


Next I went down 4th St to check out Sycamore Green. This is a combination of Apartments and Townhownes. Here is the view from 4th St.


Walking into the complex, one can see the townhomes that are almost complete.


Here is a nice picture taken from inside the complex looking towards Gateway Center building.


Walking back up Trade St I caught this nice pic of Gateway with BofA in the background.


I then hopped over to 5th St to get a picture of Charlotte Cotton Mill. This is the oldest cotton mill in Charlotte and the restoration on it is just about complete. In the background is the Charlotte Cotton Mills apartments. This is the view from the corner of 5th and Graham.


There is another old building on Graham at the intersection of Trade St. It is the Polk Building which houses NC State Goverment offices. The brick facade of the building fell apart last year (100s of bricks literally fell off the building nearly killing some people on the sidewalk) So they have been restoring the brick facade. Notice the have a safety cage over the sidewalk to catch any more bricks that happen to fall off.


Next I went down Graham to get a pic of Boulvard's 626 N Graham Lofts at the corner of 10th and Graham St. It will be 4 stories when complete.


The last stop on our tour is the Mecklenburg County Courthouse underway at the corner of 4th and McDowell. They are still working on the subsurface structure. In the background is Jail Central.


Here is another view of the construction site:


When construction is done it will look like this:


Diagonally across the street from the courthouse they have just started building a new 1000 space parking deck for the courthouse. Some of you may remember Sno White Cleaners which was at the corner of 4th and McDowell...as you can see in the pic below it is no longer there. In the backgronud you can see the Great Aunt Stella Center.


That concludes today's tour of Center City Construction.

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this is the part of town that I feel is going to have the greatest pendulum swing in the next year. BofA has pumped enough money and development into this side of town that as soon as J&W opens it's doors officially in this space, I think you will have the first truely live after 5 part of town with enough restaurant, bar, and residents to keep the streets filled late at night. First ward won't be too far behind, but since it lacks the university and offices that are mixed in with west trade, it will still be a sleepier side of town much like 4th ward is.

I am really impressed with what gateway village has accomplished. Again, nice pics uptown! Definitely grab me next time you go, my camera is dusty and needs a work out.

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