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Duluth, MN, Superior / Oliver, WI Bike Ride - Pt. 2 (continued)

Jacob Norlund - KC

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A nice view from the bridge


Another nice view from the bridge


New Duluth


Downtown Gary, not the largest but still there.


Residential Gary, a nice little neighborhood. Within walking distance of Gary's downtown, featuring pizza, a convenience store, Vietnamese food, a "gun emporium", and more.


Typical Duluth alley, worn from the many hard winters it has endured.


The non-descript road between Gary-New Duluth and Morgan Park.


Morgan Park, a corporate town named after J.P. Morgan and built around a steel plant. It is a now a neighborhood of Duluth. The steel plant closed in the early 1970's.


Cutting through with the Willard Munger trail. Bikes, rollerblades, and shoes in the summer, snowmobiles in the winter. The trail runs (with a short interruption) about 70 miles, paved, from Duluth to the city of Hinckley, MN, half way to the Twin Cities (all the way in the future?).


Riverside neighborhood. Very under-exposed; I had about 2 secs to take this picture before the camera shut off due to low power.

My camera batteries were dead at this point, but you can see pictures of downtown West Duluth in the "Main St. America meets Strip Mall" thread in the Urban Discussion forum.

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Nice phototour. It gives you a good idea of what middle-sized towns in midwestern America look like.

I love the pictures of the stripmall and of the residential areas. Very nice, thanks for sharing it with us. I checked some places out on Google Earth, that bongbridge sure is zig-zaging across the south channel:


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Very nice pictures.

I've always loved Duluth (despite only being there 3 times). I think the most beautiful way to get there is to approach it from the south on I-35. It's hard to explain in words, but it's amazing. Unfortunately, I live west of Duluth and the approach from US 2 is less than stellar.

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