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Some more details I found in an article from the UK Kernel:

The City Court condos also feature open loft floor plans and 10-foot ceilings. Covered parking will be provided in a basement parking garage, and each condo will have expansive windows.

Final prices have not been set, but Lear estimated the condos will start at $125,000.

Although the condos are not being marketed to a particular group, Lear said they have had interest expressed by some groups more than others.

"We've had the most interest from graduate students," Lear said, "not really (undergraduate) college students."

She also said people who work downtown or work at UK may be interested in the condos since the sites are only blocks away.

Boulevard Centro also has other apartments and townhouses in the South Hill area in Lexington and obtained the Center Court location to add to the sense of community there.

"We wanted to create a big neighborhood," she said.

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Those really look nice now that they are almost finished. Any word on how many of these units have been sold yet or the amount of interest in them?

I'm going to say near full capacity. I inquired, for curiousity, about the price and availability, and they said they only had a handful of units left - this being two months ago.

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