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Hartford gets some print


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Flying out to Italy for my honeymoon, I perused the airline magazine that all carrier's love to supply. It's an Italian airline, and had an article refering to various things American. It mentioned that American trends often don't start in the big cities like NYC, LA, or Chicago, but in smaller cities, like "Seattle, Hartford, San Diego, and Pittsburgh" (last one might have been Kansas City and not Pitt). Nice little props, not sure what trend we started, but maybe it was something cool and we didn't realize it....

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Hey thats great news, every little bit helps.

I remember hearing about a show on MTV called "My Super Sweet 16" which I was told to watch because there was going to be about Hartford. The show apparently is about how kids and families prepare for these extravagent 16th birthday celebrations usally showing kids from California, Florida, New York City, etc. but this showed a person from Avon who was having his party at the G. Fox Building. They showed him buying things at Westfarms, showed the inside of G. Fox, showed the party happening at G. Fox, limos pulling up along Main Street with the Stilts building in the background, etc. This was great unfortunatly they didn't mention the fact much that this city where all this was happening was Hartford.

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It one knows about the region and saw that episode it couldnt portray the socioeconomic differances that plague the area which is quite intresting.

Not that anyone would have cared but a some sort of note that this building was in Hartford, this party was in Hartford would have helped because if you see the show from somewhere else and dont know Avon is near hartford then you could assume the city could be New Haven, Stamford, Bridgeport or whatever.

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