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Advice for O'Connor


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This was in the sunday Forum section. It was a pretty good read with a lot of the advice coming from the negative. I would have like to see more advice come via pointing out what is right about Pittsburgh.

Link: Advice for O'Connor

I thought the Eve Picker advice was particularly interesting, especially the following:

2) Pretend you are visiting Pittsburgh for the first time. Wow. Let your jaw drop. Views, people, architecture, rivers, trails, neighborhoods. No one has what we have here.
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Pointbreeze, I saw that, I have to admit I only read Masloff's so far, (very curious about her opinions given shes kind of the matriarch of local government ;) ).

I like that line from Eve, I think if all of us thought that way, all the time we would have been consolidated and a 21st century leader already, we have the talent and potential now we have to execute!

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Right, we need to stop the negative thinking. That doesn't mean ignoring our problems, but it means approaching things from the perspective that this is a great city that has tons of potential, as opposed to the perspective that the place is "dying" or that it won't be worthwhile until we fix the problems.

Negative thinking holds us back. I think I'm begining to see more of a positive vibe, though. I think we're starting to gain momentum. I just hope O'Connor is smart enough to ride that momentum and use it, rather than do thingsthat could slow it down.

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I just remembered back about and article (I think it might have been Brian O'Neil of the PG) about how O'Connor's big "private sector" experience was running restaurants where one of them was so mismanaged an industrial freezer fell through the floor.

I do like O'Connor and give him the benefit of the doubt, but just wear the hardhats at City-County :lol:

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