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Cemetery wall falls on Fountain St NE.


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Mucho work taking place here. The sidewalk on the cemetery side of Fountain is closed, with a huge crane, a big yellow MaryAnn, lots of stone and equipment, portapot and construction HQ trailers.

In the tarped (collapse) area, it's evident that at least one headstone came tumbling down.

Further east on Fountain, there is a small section of pre-fab wall that looks like part of a display from a retailer. And stacks and stacks of large masonry slabs. (Having just done a lot of work moving driveway parts around, I can't imagine the process needed here. Where was that heavy equipment when I needed it just up the street?)

No pics, it was dark last night. (Jeff, on the mooove!)

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Here are some pics of the cemetery wall work taking place just down from my new home sweet home. (You'd think I could get out there with a camera, but no.)


(was shooting close-ups earlier today, didn't flip a lever)

Here's the odd sample wall.


OK, I discovered the lever, and flipped it




When the Earles order a headstone, they don't mess around.


We want a big ol' rock, too!


These planters look odd from a distance, like Igloo coolers.


Anyone wanting better pics, help yourself; this was as early as I could get home from God's Country (see Waterfall Plaza thread). The gates are open and ped access is abundant. Traffic has removed the porkchop island formerly at Fountain and Eastern, probably to enable the big rigs to access the site.

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Asphault was down when we went by a few days ago. Sunday I think. Looked quite fresh and was a nice continuation of the smooth, new pavement on Fountain from College to Eastern.

There is a considerable dip that's developed when you cross Fountain going north on Grand, though.

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